Learn more about the organization process with Optimal Life Space

Step 1 | Contact Me 

To get this process started send me an email, text or give me a call to connect. From there we will schedule a 30 minute consultation. 

Step 2 | Schedule a Consultation 

During this time we talk about your goals for the space, take a look at your home and talk about how you currently use your space. After getting a better idea of the goals and amount of estimated work, we will discuss what package might work best for you. 

Step 3 | Schedule a Session

Sessions are when we get down to business and declutter and organize. We will block off a minimum of 4 hours per session. During this time, you will have access to the Client Portal to get some more information about the specifics of your session and fill out some client onboarding information. 

Step 4 | During the Session

THE DAY HAS ARRIVED! We will begin the session with decluttering the space. Once we know what is relevant to your life and space, we will start to organize.