Oklahoma City | October, 2017

"Madison is a lifesaver! I highly recommend her for organizing your space. She is creative, fun and very smart. She did a fantastic job of bringing order to our home after we moved. I recommend her without reservation!"

Edmond, OK | July 31, 2017

"Madison was a real pleasure to work with. I was very stressed and overwhelmed about trying to get on top of YEARS of paperwork; Madison came and we had a plan before beginning. I know I felt like stopping at least three times while she was with me... But she was patient and re-directed me and kept plugging along. I don't think she was ever still!!! I am very happy with my results AND the things I learned that I can do to other areas of my home."

Keller, Texas | May 9, 2017

"Absolutely amazing experience with Madison and Optimal Life Space! I wish I would have done it sooner! So excited for her to come back and do more! She is extremely professional, personable and passionate! Thank you Madison and Optimal Life!" 

Tulsa, OK | April 23, 2017

"Madison was able to create a space in my home that is functional and easy to maintain. After she completed the job at my house, we both agreed that we felt very calm in the space - something that I desperately needed. This space continues to serve my needs. Madison has the skill set in which she is able to envision the end product and guides you through the hard process of letting go of stuff."

Oklahoma City, OK | October 18, 2016

"When my boyfriend and I decided to move in together, I wasn't sure how we would ever be able to effectively combine our two households into the 1,200 square foot house he bought. A friend mentioned that she knew someone with a home organization business-- enter Madison into my life.

She came over to my place first for a free consultation so she could fully assess the situation. She immediately began creating a plan that would work for me and my lifestyle. Since our initial project together, she has also organized my boyfriend's home office, our kitchen, bathroom, and linen closet, laundry room, and most recently our garage-- the latter being proof that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

The best part of her services is that 6 months after she organized our home, all of her systems and solutions are still in place. Madison is fantastic at creating sustainable solutions to every day home organization problems and I highly recommend her services."


Oklahoma City, OK | October 26, 2016

"I hired Madison to organize my office because it was a mess and completely not conducive for studying/work. Madison helped me get rid of the stuff I didn't need (which was a lot), while neatly and cutely organizing what remained. Not only was it painless, but it was actually fun! One of my goals was to have an attractive set up that also did not create temptations for my mischievous cat. In that, Madison definitely succeeded because I have yet to find random office supplies strewn about (a previously common occurrence). .Basically, Madison did really great work that has made me enjoy my living space so much more. I definitely recommend!" 

Oklahoma City, OK | October 17, 2016

"Madison took on the noble task of helping me make sense of my terrifyingly cluttered office. I never thought I could have fun organizing, but Madison made the process painless and kept a smile on her face the whole time. I've been a little maniacal about cleaning ever since (she created a monster) and I cannot wait until she comes back over and helps my organize my bedroom!"


Edmond, OK | November 15, 2016

"If you need to get organized, go to Optimal Life Space! When I moved into my house I could not figure out how to organize my new kitchen. I am fairly organized person and had attempted to organize the kitchen myself, but it just wasn't functional. I had things everywhere. Madison came in and not only helped me reorganize, but she taught me how to do it myself in the future. Finally my kitchen is functional and I haven't changed it since (I can even see ALL my spice!!). If you need a lot of help or even just a little, Madison is your girl."