Every package includes a complimentary 30-minute consultation.  Each package is based off a $50/hour rate, although this price is subject to change based on the individual project. This price does not include the cost of materials or travel time. For any project located outside a 30-mile radius of OKC, a $50/hour fee will be added to the cost. 

5 hours ($250) 

This package is perfect for decluttering a single closet, laundry room or bathroom.  During this time, we will talk through how you can utilize your space and create an infrastructure that will organize and optimize your home.

This package will be scheduled for a single day. 

10 hours ($500)

This package is great if you have one large project or several spaces that needs to be conquered. This could include a master bathroom and closet, an office or a garage. 

These 10 hours can be spread across as many days as works with your schedule, with a 4 hour minimum per day. 

15 hours ($750) 

Lets get some work done! This package is great for targeting multiple projects with the goal of reclaiming your space. If you are totally overwhelmed with your space and don't know where to start, this is probably the package for you. After our consultation, we will create a plan of action on the projects to focus on and an overall time line. 

These 15 hours can be spread across as many days as works with your schedule, with a 4 hour minimum per day. 

Custom Package

Don't see a package that fits with you? We can work together to create your perfect decluttering and organization plan. Just setup a free consultation to get this process started. 

Consultation / 30 Minutes (free) 

If you are not sure what type of package would work best for you, call me! I am happy to talk through any questions or ideas you may have; lets brainstorm and problem solve together. 

Hey Students! Lets get you organized! 


College is a time where every young adult branches out from their parents and ventures into the world to gain an education and develop important life skills. So, why not jumpstart this time with a quick course in organization. We will walk through the importance of organization (for both life simplicity and productivity) and create the infrastructure for an organized home or dorm room.

Schedule a consultation to get this process started!