Journal: Why we moved.


Taking a step back, I feel like I should explain why we moved.

I was SO excited to get to move to Oklahoma and attend The University of Oklahoma. I was a ballet dancer since I was 5 years old. So, when it came down to going to school or becoming a professional dancer, I decided to do a little combo of the two and attend OU and major in ballet.

After I was injured, I had to make the incredibly difficult decision to end my time dancing and become a full-time student. So after one rough semester, I found my academic groove in the OU PR Department.

I loved my time at OU. I clearly remember calling my mom walking in-between classes, smiling because the leaves were red and the wind was cold.

Although I loved my time at OU, I always knew that I wanted to leave OK after graduation.


(5 year old Madison getting ready to audition/attend The Royal Ballet Academy in London.)

It had nothing to do with my dislike for the state or atmosphere, but I knew for the career path that I had chosen, Oklahoma did not have the level of opportunity that other states could provide. Now, I say this cautiously, because I am well aware that there are some PHENOMENAL opportunities in OK and the city is growing every day, but for me personally and my own goals, I just knew that I would eventually want to explore other markets.

After graduation, my husband found an amazing job opportunity that we could not turn down and decided to stay in OKC. Because I love my husband and I am through and through a “YES” person, I put my big girl pants on and found some great companies to work for. I was a customer success manager, administrative assistant, studio manager and started my own business during my time in OK! Whenever there was a good/viable opportunity, you better believe I was ready to take advantage of it.

Now, I am going to be very honest. It was not easy for me to stay in OKC. I would be lying if I said that I was happy 100% of the time there. It is difficult to stay in a place because of your partner. Of course, I would never trade my marriage for anything, but one of the hard parts of a relationship is growing together at the same pace. I was ready to move on and grow into a new city, where my husband was still really happy at his job.

I didn’t necessarily want to move away from something, but I wanted to move towards something. I wanted Luke and I to experience the stress, challenge, excitement and joy that moving brings and the competitiveness and opportunity that larger cities can provide. I also wanted to move towards a larger employment market and see where my skills would take me. There were many conversations and tears based on my desire to move. Good communication and trust that my husband truly understood my desires to move kept me on track to believe that one day we would make the jump.

6 months ago, my husband and I started to talk about seeking new opportunities. 1.5 months ago, we accepted a new position for him at a company in Austin, TX.

I was in complete shock that we were actually moving that it took us being fully moved in to feel the excitement of the change. Of course with new opportunities, you are left reflecting on the events that took place that got you to where you are. Without a doubt, had I not had the opportunities in OKC, I would be less prepared for my life here. Because of OKC, I know what an amazing community looks like, I know what it is like to have kick a** coworkers, I know what it is like to start a business, and so much more! The experience I gained living in OKC has 100% impacted my confidence and preparedness when moving to Austin and I will always look back on my experience with a smile.

Madison Tucker