Week 2: Daily Journal

Monday: Getting started in Austin!

Today I started a contract position at bthere. It is an app that helps college kids plan, communicate and keep in contact with each other during events. I am really excited to work with bthere for the next few weeks. Immediately, I am seeing that I will get to apply everything that I learned and implemented with Optimal Life Space with bthere. Owning your own business can feel really overwhelming because you never know if you are doing the right thing. You try so many different ideas, make financial decisions, make mistakes, make improvements, create connections, I mean the list goes on and on. It is incredibly refreshing to be able to take all of those lessons, look at another business and know that I can apply what I learned to help their business.


Tuesday: First full day of work. I realized I haven't had a schedule in forever.

Today I realized that I have not had consistent schedule in 2.5 years. It hit like 3 pm and I thought it had been the longest day on earth! With OLS, I was always moving around. Moving around my house, to a coffee shop, shopping for clients, returning stuff, running to consultation or organizing. I forgot what it was like to sit and work on the computer for several days at a time. I am not sure how I feel about it right now, but I do accept that this is what working a 9-5 with a company will be like.

Wednesday: Traffic in Austin is awful.

You guys…. Traffic in Austin is bad. It is a bummer that the first thing I am mentioning on this blog about Austin is less than ideal, but I do have a lot of good things to say later.  I feel like when you move somewhere the negative differences initially outweigh the good ones. I am not sure why this is the case, but when we first got here, we knew we were going to eventually LOVE it, but we found ourselves comparing the traffic and lack of sidewalks to OKC. The days of quickly running to Trader Joes, or running to the pharmacy in 5 min have come to an end. With the influx of people, opportunity and energy also means an increase in traffic.

With this said, I know that I will get used to the traffic. I will eventually know my way around this city and be able to avoid high traffic areas and get to where I want to go faster. I will look forward to these days.

Thursday: I am feeling VERY awkward.

I have never been a person to shy away from a new workout class. Working at lululemon for 4 years taught me to try all the classes at all the places available. However, I am finding myself almost afraid to go try new workout places. I went to one Barre3 class and now, I keep making excuses not to try new places. I keep coming up with excuses like I don’t know where to park, it is too expensive, I am not sure where the “good” places to go are, etc. Honestly, I feel like some of these are good excuses, but no matter how valid, they are just that… excuses. I do know that the time to get on the ball and just GO is drawing near, but I am just being very awkward about this entire process.

Friday: Going home.

Like I have mentioned before, my family lives in Houston and I am beyond thrilled to be closer to them. I have gone home like 4 times since living here for a month and a half. Some of those times were because of the Holidays, but honestly, I feel like I have gone home just because I can.

My cousin recently got engaged so Luke and I went home to celebrate. While I was there, I just felt so happy.. That kind of happy where while my family was sitting around a fire, I was smiling because I felt so grateful and appreciative I was there. When living in OKC we would only come home for Holidays or long weekends. If you have ever done the drive from OKC to Houston you know why. So now that I only need to do a 2.5 hour (easy) drive, I don’t think I will ever take it for granted.

With this all said, I think I do need to slow my roll on the home visits. I understand that I need to spend weekends in Austin to meet people and explore. So…. This next weekend we have friends coming in town to visit and could not be more excited to explore with them.

Madison Tucker