Shoes... Don’t Leave Home Without Them


Shoes, shoes, SHOES!!

I mentioned in my last blog that I would give a few tips on organized traveling. I thought I would start with my favorite vice which is also my potential arch nemesis to my organized packing.

When I was growing up, our income was modest so typically, we got 2 pairs of shoes a year. Nothing wrong with that but for as long as I can remember I always thought, “When I grow up, I’m going to have all the shoes I want!” I didn’t go completely crazy but I will say I have a large number of shoes. This is awesome when you’re home and have them all neatly organized in your closet (So fun!) but when you travel a lot, how do you pack efficiently and enjoy your one guilty pleasure??

The secret?… You pack what you want!

Pick out the shoes that make you feel comfortable or confident. Shoes that help you stick to your workout schedule or can be worn for long hours on your feet. I’ve made the decision over the years, to enjoy my shoes and make decisions regarding packing space with my clothing.

What’s something you won’t leave behind when you travel?

Read my #1 travel secret in my next blog!


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Mikaela Hicks is a Professional Organizer and Online Coach with Optimal Life Space. By day, she helps people transform their homes, offices, and bodies. When she's not removing clutter, you can find her writing, training for a marathon, working in her flower beds, or spending time with her granddaughter.

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