Moving? Lists Can Be Your Friend


Whether it be across town or across the country, moving can be an exciting or stressful time.

Specific timelines, and multiple details can be tedious, time consuming, even overwhelming to some. As soon as you know that a move is imminent start getting your thoughts organized so once moving day becomes a reality you’ll be mentally prepared:

Don’t let the “To Do’s” overwhelm. Sit down and make a list of the things you need to do. I usually make four lists:

1. Things I need to do that relate to packing and the physical move. (schedule the UHaul)

2. Things I need to do that are related to how I run my home. (cancel lawn care, move or cancel utilities)

3. Things I need purchase that relate to the move. (boxes,tape, moving labels)

4. Things I’ll need to do in the first week or two after I move into my new home. (change addresses on accounts, find new lawn care or other services needed)

I do these preliminary lists really quickly. I like to keep my lists on my phone so as I remember something I can quickly add it to one of my lists and move forward.

Not a list maker? I have a friend who keeps post it notes in her purse and jots down things as they come to her. It feels less structured to her but ensures she doesn’t lose the little items that might have previously slipped her mind.


-Mikaela Hicks

Madison Tucker