You can’t force people to purge…


Often when I am talking to people about what I do, the first thing they say is “My (fill in a family member or coworker) needs you!” This always makes me laugh. It’s so easy for us to see the clutter in other people’s lives but over look/shut the door on our own stuff.

The next thing they usually say is “How do I get them to de-clutter?”

Here is where the problem lies. You can’t force people to get rid of their stuff. If you could, I would be in Heaven! I could picture myself like some sort of “Mess Buster” knocking on doors and purging clutter…no mess left behind!

The decision to de-clutter is like deciding to diet or exercise, you probably pass the mess, sigh with frustration or aggravation and think to yourself, “I need to take care of that. This can go on for awhile, until it gets so out of control that you push up your sleeves up and tackle it or hire someone like me.

Of course there are the individuals that don’t think they have a mess but that’s a whole different post.

So is there a way to “encourage” people to purge? I think the best way is living by example. Again, very similar to exercise. People see you making progress, feeling lighter and they want that in their lives.

Can you recognize the clutter in your own house before you lovingly point out the clutter in others? Let me help!

-Mikaela Hicks


Mikaela Hicks