Work Smarter Not Harder This Year


It’s the New Year! By now you are hopefully a month into new habits. If not, don’t despair! It’s never too late to pick up your goals, dust them off and try again! Gain your momentum and motivation to get organized and the desire to “Work Smarter not Harder” by using one or more of these great tips?(Fast Nov 15)


your desk! Disorder can hurt your ability to focus. People with a tidy desk tend to be more persistent, less frustrated and or weary. A recent study in Harvard Business Review stated that a clean desk helps you stick with a task more than one and a half times longer.
2.Carve out 90 minutes. No matter what else happens during your day, save 90 minutes to focus on your priorities and goals.

Work Less

Yes, you read that right. Many people think that working an extra few hours is the way to get ahead. A 2014 Standford study showed that those who put in 70hrs were no more productive than those that worked 56hrs.

Turn off your phone

Even if you don’t check messages or alerts the sounds distract your focus.

Designate one to two blocks of time each day to check emails

While you are working on big projects turn off your email so your not tempted to be distracted.

Focus on your strengths

Try to delegate the tasks that are not your strong suit so you can accomplish more.

Hold Smarter meetings

 Have an agenda. Stick the allotted time. Table non-related ideas.

Get a good nights sleep

Studies show that under sleepers also were more likely to take more sick days.

Hit the Elliptical

Exercise not only improves health but it improves productivity. A simple 20 minutes jog a day can improve your ability to perform simple tasks more quickly and problem solve more effectively (University of Otago)

Sunshine is your friend!

A study by the California Energy Commission showed workers who sat near a window processed call up to 12% faster and performed up to 25% better on tests.


Mikaela Hicks