Optimal Life Space in Luxiere, Edition 18


Over the next couple of months, Optimal Life Space is excited to be featured in Oklahoma City’s pre-eminent luxury magazine, Luxiere! Each article includes advice and tips from Madison herself to elevate your organizing game beyond storage bins and labels...


To someone who has never worked with a professional organizer before, our services might seem like they’re reserved for the elite; but, Luxiere is all about finding and experiencing luxury in local Oklahoma City.

Being organized is about so much more than bins and labels. The internet is littered with tips on creating the perfect mudroom, entryway or closet. Entire stores are dedicated to matching you with the “right bin.”

So, why are we still engaged in the battle against clutter and the judgement it brings? The key to conquering clutter is to recognize the role emotions play in the process.

Read the rest of the article on Page 40 in Luxiere, Edition 18 or online here.


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