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Professional Organizer and Online Coach

Mikaela  Hicks


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the time Mikaela and I have spent together through coaching. She has helped me greatly, as I have been “finding myself” again after having my first baby."




My name is Mikaela Hicks.  I have been an organizer for 30 plus years. My passion for organizing stems from the desire to help people save time so they can focus on the things they are passionate about.  I love to see the happiness on a clients face when they start to feel the weight of the "stuff", lift off their shoulders.  

For me being organized affords me the time to run, travel and spend time with my daughters and granddaughter.  I hope that I have the opportunity to work with your family.



 "She’s been a steady source of light encouragement as I’ve worked my way over many hurdles both personally and professionally. Her methods for helping add structure and consistency to my life have been truly invaluable!"



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