Optimal Life Space

Lead Redesign Specialist and Organizer

Jeanne Morgan


"I help make your space feel like your own. Some call it magic, so just call me I dream of Genie."




I grew up in White Stone, VA. I always had a burning desire to move furniture around and organize my mother’s make-up. I couldn’t fathom that she could cope with Mary Kay, Avon and Maybelline all living in one drawer!

Many years later, not much has changed. 

My passion is to repurpose those valuable, loved pieces that often are hidden. I will listen to your goals for the space and then use those pieces you love most to create a useable and functional oasis.

Redesigning a space doesn’t just transform how it looks, but it changes the way you feel in your space. I am so excited to work with you to create a space that truly represents you and makes you smile every time you walk in.



"Jeanne did a terrific job of organizing our home after we moved. She has a great sense of style, is very creative and very hardworking.  I recommend her without reservation!"

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